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28. October 2016

Our CPSA-programme for software architects is on the way to become the standard qualification proof in the professional world! more

The iSAQB is proud of its first licensee and training provider in non-German-speaking countries. The Dutch Xebia B.V. based in Hilversum. more

Last week, Munich was host to TAG 2016: an Architecture Gathering stretching over two days with fantastic keynote speeches by Christiane Floyd and Stefan Tilkov as well as numerous groundbreaking presentations by and with Germany’s leading software architects. These included […] more

The International Software Qualification Board (iSAQB) stands for a standardised approach to training software architects. Applying this principle of consistency to the relevant terminology as well seemed the obvious thing to do. In a project lead by Dr Gernot Starke, […] more

After the big success of TAG’15 this year’s event is scheduled. TAG’16 will take place on 12 and 13 October 2016 in Munich. More about tracks, topics and speakers can be found here. more