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One of the recommended development methodologies for software architects is domain-driven design. This entails modelling the domain’s concepts, i.e. the processed entities and the required services, first and then integrating them one to one with as little change as possible […] more

iSAQB’s Advanced Level has standardised modules from different fields, which participants can combine according to their personal requirements. This article will explain the “WEB” module, which was developed for software architects focussing on web applications. by Till Schulte-Coerne and Stefan […] more

Once again, iSAQB e.V. had its own stand at this year’s Architecture Days. The theme of iSAQB’s Architecture Days, part of the 2014 OBJEKTspektrum event, was ‘Global, Mobile and Scalable: Architectures of the Future’. The sheer number of participants meant […] more

As a software developer or software architect, you should always keep up to date with the latest developments if you want to remain attractive for the labour market in the long run. Profound knowledge of current technologies and frameworks is […] more

A project’s success will depend much more on the people involved in the project and its framework conditions than on technologies used. Successful project managers and software architects have a feeling for the people they work with in projects and […] more