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3rd Architecture Days 2013 – Conference Digest

This year saw another great Architecture Days, and once again, iSAQB e.V. had its own stand at the event.

The theme of iSAQB’s Architecture Days, part of the 2013 OBJEK­T­spektrum events series, was ‘The Polyglot Architect: Welcome to Babylon’. The sheer number of partic­i­pants meant that a wide variety of nation­al­ities and disci­plines were present. Nonetheless, the topic of software archi­tec­tures, under­pinned by numerous exciting presen­ta­tions, most certainly provided a common denom­i­nator for everyone.

A total of 200 partic­i­pants in Frankfurt, Munich and Leipzig, a repeat of the ‘Mixed Zone’, many well-known-experts, a compre­hensive three-day programme with a total of fifteen speakers including Erik Dörnenburg, Martin Rösch, Stefan Toth, Sebastian Ommert and Uwe Friedrichsen amongst others – all of this combined to make this year’s iSAQB’s Architecture Days a complete success yet again.

It would be wrong to think that architecture is the only concern for modern software archi­tects, they also have to tackle the problem of different stake­holders (devel­opers, specialised staff, lawyers) using different languages as well as the use of a variety of programming languages.

In keeping with this year’s theme, every conference day started off with Dr Gernot Starke’s compelling keynote speech “Interface horror – issues of cooper­ating systems”.

The overall conclusion is that archi­tects must be fluent in many languages and that polyglotism really is a genuine and important quali­fi­cation for every software architect. When it comes to the successful management of major future IT projects, this skill will be the decisive factor.

At the iSAQB stand, we also received extremely positive feedback on the newly re-launched iSAQB website, which now provides detailed and important information on both Foundation and Advanced Levels.

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