Your advantages as an accredited training provider

  • You are authorized to conduct iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture-(CPSA-)courses.
  • Improve the market positioning of your organisation: With an accreditation of your courses, your organisation and your trainers you prove a special quality of your training offers and teaching materials.
  • Increase the success of your training business with an internationally recognized and standardized training offering. You will have the opportunity to offer training courses worldwide.
  • You will be entitled to commission exams from recognized iSAQB® certification bodies.
  • Increase the positive perceptibility of your organization with the official iSAQB® seal and brands, including various marketing materials.
  • You will receive high-quality contacts: Your course dates are advertised centrally via an appointment calendar on the iSAQB website. We list you as an official training provider and forward requests for training and in-house training to you.
  • As a training provider, you will receive CPSA curriculum updates before they are published on the iSAQB website.
  • You will become part of an exclusive and international network of well-known thought leaders and practitioners in the software architecture scene.


The iSAQB® Seals of Quality

All iSAQB® accreditations aim to ensure software architecture training courses with a high quality standard and practical relevance as well as uniform curricula. CPSA training can only take place in combination with the following three accreditations:

1. iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider

2. iSAQB® Accredited Trainer

3. iSAQB® Accredited Training


The accreditation of training providers (TP)

  • A company or individual may be accredited if sufficient competence in the field of software architecture can be proven.
  • In order to be accredited, the training provider commits itself to conduct CPSA training courses that are compliant with the CPSA curricula and in which only iSAQB®-accredited trainers are involved.
  • Successfully accredited training providers receive the quality seal iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider.


The accreditation for trainers

To obtain accreditation as an iSAQB(R) Accredited Trainer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least three years of practical experience as a software architect and didactical skills – this can be proven by reference projects, trainer profiles or publications.
  • A telephone or personal interview with iSAQB experts has been completed successfully.


The accreditation of trainings

The accreditation of Foundation Level and Advanced Level training is based on one-off audits of the relevant training materials. The successful accreditation of training courses is made visible externally with the iSAQB® Accredited Training quality seal.

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