Your Benefits

CPSA certification or cooperation with the iSAQB offers you these advantages:

For Software Architects

  • As a software architect, you will benefit from the combined expertise of renowned professionals with inside knowledge of software architecture, who work together to define curricula and examination questions.
  • Even if training provided by different vendors may differ (and it is meant to differ), you will still be guaranteed comparable standards and can rest assured that the aspects considered to be essential by the architecture community are always covered.
  • Certification allows software architects to demonstrate certain skills they possess. The independent, neutral examination system ensures that certification is credible and of relevant significance.
  • The modular Advanced Level enables you to acquire or expand a wide range of complementary skills and thus prove that you are capable of ‘thinking outside the box’, which is crucial.

For Companies

  • The official and independently standardised CPSA scheme allows you to provide targeted and vendor-neutral further training to your staff in the increasingly important field of software architecture.
  • CPSA certification is an important indicator for assessing the capabilities of potential employees or external service providers.

For Training Providers or Trainers

  • As a provider, you will benefit from the standardisation work carried out by the association as well as the PR advantages this holds.
  • In addition, as an active member you will have the opportunity to become actively involved in the association’s activities and thus contribute to creating curricula as well as examination questions and tasks.