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Coming very soon… regis­tration for the CPSA‑A exami­nation available as of early September!!

For the purpose of CPSA‑A training, iSAQB has defined the three following skills areas: method­ological, techno­logical and commu­nicative skills.

The advanced-level programme’s structure is modular with a curriculum consisting of individual modules, each focusing on a particular core topic pertaining to the skills required of a software architecture professional.

The topics covered in the iSAQB Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture training scheme provide every­thing a software architecture specialist needs to know.

The training modules include tasks, methods and technologies for devel­oping software archi­tec­tures. Partic­i­pants will gain insights into all those aspects that are of vital impor­tance for a software architect, exploring not only techno­logical but also organ­i­sa­tional and social factors. As a conse­quence, learners will develop a thorough under­standing of a software architecture specialist’s responsibilities.

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