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The first part of our serious looked at practices that can be key to dealing with limited time and budgets in architecture. This part will focus on the second essential element of contemporary software architecture: surprises. Successful projects count on […] more

Have you followed an explanation of how software architecture is actually supposed to work? Have you ever read a book and said to yourself, this is how we should work? All of this has happened to me several times, and […] more

Demands for an improvement of software often are the result of the excessive cost of changes or extensions – as our client (motivated by technical or business matters) often shows only little interest in the innate quality of systems. That […] more

One of the recommended development methodologies for software architects is domain-driven design. This entails modelling the domain’s concepts, i.e. the processed entities and the required services, first and then integrating them one to one with as little change as possible […] more

iSAQB’s Advanced Level has standardised modules from different fields, which participants can combine according to their personal requirements. This article will explain the “WEB” module, which was developed for software architects focussing on web applications. by Till Schulte-Coerne and Stefan […] more