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OBJEK­T­spektrum Information Days with iSAQB

The iSAQB e.V. organized together with SIGS DATACOM the “2nd iSAQB Architecture Days”.

This year’s topic was: “Software architecture in team. Software Architecture in Change”. Advisory board were Frank Pientka MATERNA GmbH, Valentino Pola COFINPRO AG and Stefan Zörner oose Innov­ative Infor­matik GmbH Software architecture sees itself today in partic­u­larly confronted with changes. This concerns both organi­za­tional as well as technical issues. How to do without many projects today rely on the explicit role of archi­tects. Never­theless, the teams meet basic and far-reaching decisions, which are difficult to make in the further course to be taken back. Software architecture becomes teamwork, Commu­ni­cation and moder­ation are more than ever key factors for the success.

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