Conference digest – 4th iSAQB Architecture Days 2014

27. October 2014

Once again, iSAQB e.V. had its own stand at this year’s Architecture Days.

The theme of iSAQB’s Architecture Days, part of the 2014 OBJEKTspektrum event, was ‘Global, Mobile and Scalable: Architectures of the Future’.

The sheer number of participants meant that a wide variety of nationalities and disciplines were present. Nonetheless, the topic of software architectures, underpinned by numerous exciting presentations, most certainly provided a common denominator for everyone.

A total of 170 participants in Munich, Mainz and Hanover, a repeat of the ‘Mixed Zone’, many well-known-experts, a comprehensive three-day programme with a total of fifteen speakers including Mirko Novakovic, Roland Mast, Stefan Toth, Michael Plöd and Uwe Friedrichsen amongst others – all of this combined to make this year’s iSAQB Architecture Days a complete success yet again.

This year’s keynote speech dealt with the topic ‘Lean Startups Eat the World!’.
Some of the questions discussed during the three-day programme and in the mixed zones were:
How do we as architects design the right systems to meet these requirements?
What are the architectures of the future?

What do you do if your web portal can’t cope with the abrupt demand created by the increase in social networking?

Also the well-attended exhibition as well as the iSAQB stand contributed to the success of the  4th Architecture Days. The CPSA Advanced Level has provoked huge interest and feedback on the relaunch of the iSAQB website was very positive!

We look forward to the next iSAQB Architecture Days!


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