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The Architecture Gathering 2019 in Munich – Call for Papers May till April 5!

Architecture Gathering 2019 is the annual community event for all software archi­tects, experi­enced devel­opers and people inter­ested in software architecture. It is hosted by iSAQB and is the ideal place to learn from other experts, network and benefit from many valuable practical experi­ences. The spectrum of topics at the conference will be caught between software architecture, organi­za­tional struc­tures and business processes.

At the next Architecture Gathering from 16 – 17 October 2019 in Munich, we would like to take a closer look at the following questions:

  • Have the software landscapes created by the decom­po­sition of monoliths with, for example, domain-driven design and microser­vices become easier to maintain?
  • How are DevOps and Clouds used in companies without creating infrastructure ruins and island knowledge?
  • What new platforms and technologies are being used that we should know about?
  • Which fields of appli­cation have become profitable for artificial intel­li­gence and data science in the meantime?
  • How is digital change progressing in companies and which paths have proven to be promising?
  • What do software archi­tects need to know about the organi­zation and the under­lying processes and what do they need to be able to influence?

Would you like to be a speaker on these exciting topics at Architecture Gathering 2019? Then please send us your sugges­tions for sessions (45 min), Lightning Talks (20 min) and inter­active formats such as panel discus­sions, Open Space and Fishbowl etc.

The Call for Papers is open until April 5th! More info at

We are already looking forward to the usual stimu­lating discus­sions and a reunion with many familiar faces, friends and partners!

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