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The new CPSA module Requirements for Software Archi­tects (REQ4ARC) is released

The iSAQB® has published the syllabus of the new module Requirements for Software Archi­tects (REQ4ARC). Thereby, the extensive Advanced Level training and further education program of the iSAQB® is ideally complemented.

The publi­cation of the new module is supported by the Inter­na­tional Requirements Engineering Board (IREB), which has been dedicated to training experts in the field of requirements engineering for over fourteen years. The IREB welcomes the intro­duction of the new module REQ4ARC as it supports the mission of the IREB to establish requirements engineering every­where in IT.

The REQ4ARC module imparts the essential knowledge for the elici­tation of architecture-relevant requirements by means of numerous methodical tips as well as detailed examples from practice. For successful partic­i­pation in this module, partic­i­pants receive 20 credit points in the area of methodical compe­tence and 10 credit points in commu­nicative compe­tence. These credit points can then be used for a subse­quent certification exami­nation to become a Certified Profes­sional of Software Architecture at Advanced Level.

Inter­ested parties will find details of the syllabus here.

First REQ4ARC training dates can be found under this link:

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