Setting future trends: interdisciplinary work within IT

23. January 2017

The iSAQB has joined forces with three other qualification boards to launch the “Shaping the Future with IT” initiative, whose aim is to create an interdisciplinary body of knowledge fit for the challenges of software development in a digital society.

Information technology (IT) is no longer merely a tool to support existing processes. IT in and of itself now helps to shape innovative human interaction, work, organisations and our entire society. In order to meet this increased responsibility, four qualifications boards with different training focuses have joined forces to launch the “Shaping the Future with IT” initiative: the German Testing Board (GTB) for testing, International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) for requirements engineering, International Software Architecture Qualification Board (ISAQB) for software architecture and International Usability and UX User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) for usability.

The aim of this initiative is to use the smart orchestration and integration of the four key disciplines of IT development in order to take active IT design to the next level – allowing associates to attain all knowledge required for shaping the future responsibly and sustainably through IT.

The necessity of this initiative stems from nearly 50 years of IT history, characterised by the emergence of numerous specialised subjects and disciplines and reflected in today’s even wider variety of IT professions. The “Shaping the Future with IT” initiative’s rationale is to counteract the trend towards a silo mentality in the management of knowledge and to provide an adequate response to both the increasing ubiquity of IT in our daily lives and the incessant shortening of innovation cycles. This development of IT from a tool to an innovator over the last few years has made it necessary to apply an increasingly cross-disciplinary approach to IT work, as propagated by agile process models for instance.

The four boards involved will have a shared stand at the OOP conference for software architecture held in Munich from 30 January to 3 February 2017 (1.16 to 1.19).

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