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image iSAQB updated Curriculum ARCEVAL

New curriculum version 2022.1 of CPSA‑A® module ARCEVAL has been published

As of February 10, 2022, the new curriculum version 2022.1 of the CPSA‑A module ARCEVAL (Architecture Evalu­ation) replaces the previous version. The curriculum is currently available in German. The English trans­lation is in the works and will follow soon.

Regarding content, the ARCEVAL curriculum has a new chapter structure in which, for example, Anforderungen in der Architek­turbe­w­ertung (Requirements in Architectural Evalu­ation) has been separated out from the ATAM evalu­ation method as a separate chapter. This makes it possible to talk about quali­tative requirements and solution approaches in a more neutral way and to combine other evalu­ation methods with these approaches in addition to ATAM. In the new chapter Alter­native Bewer­tungsmethoden (Alter­native Evalu­ation Methods), these alter­na­tives are examined more promi­nently than before. DCAR, TARA, PBAR, and CBAM should now be familiar terms to partic­i­pants and they should be able to explain differ­ences between the approaches. For tool-based evalu­ation, the curriculum is now somewhat more concept-heavy and includes fewer tool names.

Formally, the learning objectives themselves have been revised to match the more recent curricula in terms of their format. The curriculum has been upgraded to the latest template.

The new ARCEVAL curriculum version 2022.1 in German can be found here.

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