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iSAQB® Accredited Training Providers are profes­sional training organiz­a­tions that have proven the high quality of their training courses in the field of software architecture. They receive the iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider quality seal as a basic accredi­tation. With this first accredi­tation, training organiz­a­tions can already offer CPSA® trainings in coope­ration with partners, and organize exams for parti­ci­pants. To be able to conduct CPSA® training with their own trainers, Accredited Training Providers need the additional iSAQB accredi­ta­tions for the respective CPSA® training courses and trainers. 

Your Advan­tages as an iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider

Your Advantage

Benefit from an Excellent Reputation

iSAQB® accredited organiz­a­tions, trainings and trainers enjoy an excellent reputation. They benefit from the high demand for CPSA® training.

Your Advantage

You can organize CPSA® Trainings & Exams

Accredited Training Providers are granted the exclusive right to organize CPSA® trainings and group examinations.

Your Advantage

Show Compe­tence with iSAQB® Accreditations

For all success­fully acquired accredi­ta­tions, you will receive the quality seals of the iSAQB, which you can use for marketing purposes.

Your Advantage

Get Additional and Valuable Contacts

Your training dates are adver­tised centrally in our course calendar on the iSAQB website. We list you as an official training provider and forward training requests directly to you.

Your Advantage

Stay Ahead of your Competition

You will be informed of any planned updates to the CPSA® curricula some time before they are even published.

Your Advantage

Be Part of our Expert Network

You will become part of an exclusive and inter­na­tional network of well-known pioneers and practi­tioners in the field of software architecture.

The iSAQB® Accredi­ta­tions at a Glance

All iSAQB accredi­ta­tions have the goal of ensuring software architecture training courses with a high-quality standard and practical relevance as well as uniform curricula. Therefore, a CPSA® training course may only take place in combi­nation of the following three accreditations:


Accredi­tation of training providers (TP)


Organiz­a­tions or indivi­duals can be accredited as training providers if they can demons­trate the necessary compe­tence in software architecture.


Accredited Training Providers commit to offering CPSA® training courses that comply with iSAQB curricula and in which only iSAQB® Accredited Trainers are engaged.


Success­fully accredited training providers receive the quality seal as iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider.

Accredi­tation of trainers

Accredi­tation as iSAQB® Accredited Trainer can be granted for one or more CPSA® trainings. The following requirements must be met:


At least three years of practical experience as a software architect and didactic compe­tences are required. These can be proven through reference projects, trainer profiles or publications.


An interview with iSAQB experts has been completed successfully.


For trainer accredi­ta­tions at Advanced Level, successful parti­ci­pation in the respective module for which accredi­tation as a trainer is being applied for is also mandatory. Alter­na­tively, the creation of accredited training material can also be recognized.


A further requi­rement for trainer accredi­tation at Advanced Level is the demons­tration of a self-selected section of the CPSA® training applied for. This is carried out in a video conference or in presence within a time frame of 60 minutes.


Accredi­tation of trainings

Accredi­tation of Foundation Level and Advanced Level training courses is based on a one-time review of the associated training material. The successful accredi­tation of CPSA® trainings is made visible with the quality seal iSAQB® Accredited Training.

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