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iSAQB® Accredited Training Providers are profes­sional training organi­za­tions that have proven the high quality of their software architecture training courses. Companies with a successful appli­cation receive the quality seal of iSAQB Accredited Training Provider. With this accred­i­tation, training organi­za­tions are able to market CPSA training and request offical exams for partic­i­pants via or licensed certification partners. To conduct CPSA® trainings with their own trainers, Accredited Training Providers need the additional iSAQB accred­i­ta­tions for the respective CPSA® training courses and trainers. 

Your Advan­tages as an iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider

Your Advantage

Strength of our Reputation

iSAQB-accredited organi­za­tions, trainings and trainers enjoy an excellent reputation. Become a part of the growing inter­na­tional iSAQB community and benefit from the ever-increasing demand for CPSA training.

Your Advantage

Organize CPSA® Trainings & Requesting Official Exams: 

Accredited Training Providers are autho­rized to organize CPSA training courses and have official exams admin­is­tered by our licensed certification partners.

Your Advantage

Use of the iSAQB® Quality Seal

You will receive a quality seal of the iSAQB, which you can use for your marketing purposes in all your marketing materials.

Your Advantage

Access to Free Adver­tisement on the iSAQB® Website

Your training dates can be adver­tised centrally in our course calendar on the iSAQB website. We will list you as an official training provider and forward you requests for training courses and in-house training.

Your Advantage

Stay Ahead of your Competition

You will receive all planned updates to the CPSA curricula well-ahead of them being published for public use.

Your Advantage

Be Part of our Expert Network

You will become part of an exclusive and inter­na­tional network of well-known pioneers and practi­tioners in the field of software architecture.

The iSAQB® Accred­i­ta­tions at a Glance

All iSAQB accred­i­ta­tions have the goal of ensuring software architecture training courses with a high-quality standard and practical relevance as well as uniform curricula. Therefore, a CPSA® training course may only take place in combi­nation of the following three accreditations:


Accred­i­tation of training providers (TP)


Organi­za­tions or individuals can be accredited as training providers if they can demon­strate the necessary compe­tence in software architecture.


Accredited Training Providers commit to offering CPSA® training courses that comply with iSAQB curricula and in which only iSAQB® Accredited Trainers are engaged.


Success­fully accredited training providers receive the quality seal as iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider.

Accred­i­tation of trainers

Accred­i­tation as iSAQB® Accredited Trainer can be granted for one or more CPSA® trainings. The following requirements must be met:


At least three years of practical experience as a software architect and didactic compe­tences are required. These can be proven through reference projects, trainer profiles or publications.


For trainer accred­i­ta­tions at the Foundation Level, a success­fully completed certification exam at the CPSA-Foundation Level is required.


For trainer accred­i­ta­tions at Advanced Level, successful partic­i­pation in the respective module for which accred­i­tation as a trainer is being applied for is also mandatory. Alter­na­tively, the creation of accredited training material can also be recognized.


An interview with iSAQB experts has been completed successfully.


A further requirement for trainer accred­i­tation at Advanced Level is the demon­stration of a self-selected section of the CPSA® training applied for. This is carried out in a video conference or in presence within a time frame of 60 minutes.


Accred­i­tation of trainings

Accred­i­tation of Foundation Level and Advanced Level training courses is based on a one-time review of the associated training material. The successful accred­i­tation of CPSA® trainings is made visible with the quality seal iSAQB® Accredited Training.

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