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The iSAQB® Community

As software archi­tects we are confronted with various challenges in our daily work: From technical issues to organi­za­tional topics to the creation of under­standing for the added value of good software architecture.

We at iSAQB want to take the topic of software architecture to the next level with you and support you in your daily work.

For this purpose, we are building the iSAQB community as a network of CPSA-certified software archi­tects. This is where we would like to exchange ideas, help each other with questions and problems, and learn from and with each other.

In this network, we would like to promote the exchange on current topics and trends, share ideas with you through lectures, and deepen aspects of software architecture in local meetings (iSAQB meetups). You can also use the community as a commu­ni­cation channel to the associ­ation for feedback and ideas.

Be a part of the community YOURSELF.

With the local meetings organized by the iSAQB, there is a setting that you can help shape as iSAQB certified architects.

These are the framework details:

  • Each regional iSAQB community is an independent unit.
  • The regional iSAQB community groups follow the iSAQB Code of Conduct, extended by our rules of conduct within the community, which you can find on the community page.
  • Each community group should have an active iSAQB member as a contact person.
  • The groups are free to arrange their community meetups as they wish.

Make sure to register on Meetup today with your certificate number.

Start Your Own Community

If you have any questions about iSAQB’s support for commu­nities or any ideas or sugges­tions, please reach out by writing an email to!

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