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Meet and Network with other CPSA® Certified Experts

The iSAQB supports the founding of regional commu­nities for CPSA® certified software archi­tects. Regular meetings offer community members the oppor­tunity to exchange their profes­sional experi­ences, and to discuss and clarify challenges and issues in software architecture.

In regions where new commu­nities are founded, active iSAQB members support the intro­ductory phase of the commu­nities, and thus provide an organiz­a­tional foundation. The iSAQB community has no commercial interest, and empha­sizes events that are free of adver­tising for products or services.

Start Your Own Community

If you have any questions about iSAQB’s support for commu­nities or any ideas or sugges­tions, please reach out by writing an email to!

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