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The Association

The Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board (iSAQB®) brings together profes­sional software architecture experts from industry, consulting, training, academia and other organizations.

About the iSAQB®

iSAQB® in Numbers

Past & Present

About the iSAQB®

The iSAQB® promotes inter­na­tional standards in software architecture

The Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board (iSAQB®) is an association of leading experts from industry, consulting firms, and science. As a non-profit organiz­ation, the iSAQB develops techno­lo­gical standards and certi­fi­ca­tions in the field of software architecture. The main goal of the iSAQB is to standardize and conti­nuously improve the education and training of software archi­tects internationally.

CPSA® – Inter­na­tio­nally recognized education and training program
of the iSAQB®

As holder of the inter­na­tional certification system Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture (CPSA®), the iSAQB itself does not conduct any training courses or exami­na­tions. It does, however, establish training and exami­nation regula­tions, accredits training organiz­a­tions as well as independent certification bodies and defines the necessary processes.

The iSAQB follows the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard and therefore does not perform CPSA® certi­fi­ca­tions itself. This respon­si­bility lies solely with the licensed certification partners who conduct and evaluate exams and issue certi­fi­cates. This ensures that all CPSA® certi­fi­ca­tions are always performed neutrally and independently.

The CPSA® program is aimed at everyone who works on solution struc­tures in IT projects: primarily software archi­tects, developers, and quality assurance specia­lists, but also systems analysts who want to commu­nicate better with their developers.

The iSAQB® in Numbers

founded in


as the German Software Architecture Board
more than


CPSA® Certified Professionals


Members & Member Companies

Ever since the iSAQB was founded, more than 20,000 CPSA® certified profes­sionals worldwide have success­fully completed at least one of the two CPSA® levels – the Foundation Level (CPSA‑F®) and the Advanced Level (CPSA‑A®). An Expert Level (CPSA‑E®) will soon be added as a further and highest certification level. Over 140 members and member companies are part of the iSAQB. They promote the work of the board or actively parti­cipate in the working groups of the association.

Past & Present

History of the iSAQB®

The prede­cessor organiz­ation of the iSAQB was founded in 2001 as the German Software Architecture Board. The first CPSA® training took place the following year. In 2008 the organiz­ation was renamed, and thus the Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board e. V. (iSAQB e. V.) was founded. In the meantime, the iSAQB has developed into a globally recognized expert association for the personal certification of software architecture professionals.

Organiz­ation of the iSAQB®

The iSAQB e. V. is the central organiz­ation and origin of the iSAQB. The association’s area of respon­si­bility lies primarily in the creation of curricula and exami­nation regula­tions as well as in the further develo­pment of the CPSA® in terms of content. The strategic orien­tation of the CPSA® is deter­mined both by the iSAQB Council and by working groups of the association.

The iSAQB GmbH was founded in 2018 as operating company of the iSAQB e. V. It is a reliable service partner for all CPSA® certified and interested parties, training providers, certification bodies, univer­sities and coope­rating organiz­a­tions. The tasks of the iSAQB GmbH include a large part of the economic and adminis­trative activities as well as marketing activities of the iSAQB. Like the association, the GmbH also works without the intention of making a profit. The management of the GmbH reports to the board of the association. 

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you become a member of the iSAQB?

You can apply for membership or sponsorship at any time (a corre­sponding form is available online here). As an active member, you should spend appro­xi­mately ten days a year working for for the iSAQB — within one or more working groups of your choice. Prefe­rence will be given to new members who have experience in training software architects.

Who are the people behind the association, and what are its aims?

The association was founded in 2008 by about 20 volun­teers and is a non-profit organi­sation. The iSAQB e.V. brings together various software architecture experts. Its members include profes­sionals from industry, consulting, training, academia and other organi­sa­tions or associations.

A list of current active members can be found online here.

The purpose of the association is to standardise the training of software archi­tects internationally.


Appli­cation for iSAQB e. V. Associate Membership

With this document an appli­cation for a membership in the iSAQB e. V. can be made.

English Version [pdf]

Deutsche Version [pdf]

Articles of Association

Articles of Association of the Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board (iSAQB) e. V. with details of name, regis­tered seat, purpose, organs, board, working groups and information about membership.

English Version [pdf]

Deutsche Version [pdf]

Industry Excellence

All CPSA® training courses are conducted by iSAQB® Accredited Trainers and Training Providers. Profit from these excellent iSAQB partners!

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Logo of OpenValue - iSAQB Accredited Training Provider
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