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Top Developer Academy LLC

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Top Developer Academy LLC is a global online education leader in the fields of software architecture and advanced software engineering, dedicated to advancing the careers of technology professionals.

With 200,000+ student enroll­ments worldwide, we specialize in deliv­ering top-quality online courses with an emphasis on founda­tional principles as well as practical in-demand skills, following the current industry trends.

As the first North American iSAQB-accredited training provider, our CPSA‑F training is designed to equip aspiring and estab­lished profes­sionals with real-world software architecture skills to innovate and lead at their respective companies.

Founded by Michael Pogre­binsky, an experi­enced software engineer, architect, and world-renowned online trainer, Top Developer Academy LLC is your top choice to:

  • Grow your career and fully realize your potential
  • Earn an industry-recog­nized software architecture certificate (CPSA‑F)
  • Learn the most in-demand skills

Our courses are designed for busy, working practi­tioners looking to enhance their expertise and become subject matter experts.

With bite-size content delivery and guidance from an experi­enced trainer, our courses provide the highest value and impact on our learners’ careers.


  • 2108 N St. STE N 95816 Sacramento California, USA

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Training Formats: Online / Remote Training
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