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Expandior Academy B.V.

New Recognized iSAQB® Trainingsprovider -Expandior

Expandior is a premium training, consul­tancy and devel­opment partner based in Amers­foort, The Nether­lands. Our mission is to create winners in our data-driven world. However, lot is asked of people and organi­za­tions to remain successful in the current reality. Digiti­zation, compe­tition that is emerging at lightning speed from unexpected quarters and as if that were not enough: the far-reaching impact of data.

We help you during these challenging times to make better decisions and create more value by utilizing your data. We do so by offering various training courses and learning journeys, we guide you onside during your data-driven trans­for­ma­tions and with our high-performing devel­opment teams we offer the additional capacity to truly realize your ambitions.



  • Spoetnik 60, Unit 6.2 3824MG Amersfoort Netherlands

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by Expandior Academy B.V.

There are currently no Trainings planned for this provider. Please check out Find a Training to see all available Trainings.

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