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Enter­prise Grade

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Enter­prise Grade is a boutique software consul­tancy based a few minutes outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

We’re industry practi­tioners who help businesses architect, model and design critical line-of-business software.

Our solutions provide the stability businesses need to operate smoothly, and act as a multi­plier, enhancing their ability to compete more effec­tively in their market.

Training is the first stop to building a stronger software capability and compe­tence and we’re proud to offer CPSA-Foundation Level training to our two groups of customers:

  • For IT or Software Devel­opment Managers looking to enhance their team’s software compe­tence to meet growing business demands, we offer CPSA-Foundation training as a private, in-house program.
  • And, we offer public cohort training for individual software profes­sionals to help accel­erate their careers by adding founda­tional software architecture skills to their toolbox, enabling them to engage more strate­gi­cally and earlier in the software lifecycle.

And, since we are a boutique training provider and consul­tancy, we value the personal connection and try to create an inclusive, learning-friendly environment that aids with the learning process to help you gain the knowledge and under­standing needed to progress and earn your ISAQB certifications.


  • Rokin 92 1012 KZ Amsterdam, Noord Holland The Netherlands

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Training Formats: Online / Remote Training
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There are currently no Trainings planned for this provider. Please check out Find a Training to see all available Trainings.

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