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New curriculum version 2024.1 of CPSA‑A® module CLOUD­INFRA published

The new curriculum version 2024.1 of the CPSA‑A module CLOUD­INFRA (Infrastructure, Containers and Cloud Native) was released in English and German on May 16, 2024.

The aim of updating the curriculum was to meet the practical challenges and questions of the partic­i­pants even better. New additions include cloud migration patterns as well as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architecture patterns. Opera­tional topics such as permission and secrets management have also been integrated. The structure of the curriculum has also been adapted to the life cycle of a cloud appli­cation; e.g., topics of an opera­tional nature have been moved from Devel­opment and CI/CD to the Automation and Operation chapter.

Furthermore, a more flexible design of the training content was imple­mented. The relevant topics have been defined in abstract concepts so that trainers are not restricted to concrete learning content such as specific patterns. This allows us to incor­porate current devel­op­ments in cloud computing directly into the training. Concepts that were already part of the curriculum were named more explicitly to provide more clarity and a better overview. These include, for example, site relia­bility engineering, chaos engineering, serverless computing, and eventual consistency.

The curators inten­tionally refrained from naming specific tools, such as for infrastructure automation. This is intended to focus more on concepts and give trainers the freedom to name relevant tools as needed.

These adjust­ments are intended not only to modernize the content but also to create a more practical and relevant learning environment for participants.

Further information on the changes to the CLOUD­INFRA curriculum can be found here in GitHub.

The new curriculum version 2024.1 can be downloaded here.

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