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New curriculum version 2024.1 of CPSA‑A® module EAM released

The new curriculum version 2024.1 of the CPSA‑A module EAM (Enter­prise Architecture Management for Software Archi­tects) has replaced the previous version as of February 2nd, 2024. It is available in English and German.

The EAM curriculum has undergone a signif­icant revision in the latest version, primarily aimed at enhancing the curricu­lum’s focus on topics relevant to software archi­tects. The curriculum has been renamed explicitly from Enter­prise Architecture Management to Enter­prise Architecture Management for Software Archi­tects. Furthermore, numerous improve­ments have been made to each chapter, such as updating and standard­izing termi­nology, incor­po­rating modern EAM topics, etc.

Detailed information on the changes to the curriculum can be found here in GitHub.

The new EAM curriculum version 2024.1 can be downloaded here.

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