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30,000 Certified Profes­sionals for Software Architecture Worldwide

The iSAQB is pleased to announce a signif­icant achievement: 30,000 individuals across the globe have success­fully passed either the CPSA Foundation or Advanced Level exams to become Certified Profes­sionals for Software Architecture.

What This Represents
Global Impact: iSAQB’s compre­hensive training and certification programs have made a worldwide mark, empow­ering profes­sionals across continents.

Elevating the Field: This milestone under­scores iSAQB’s pivotal role in elevating the impor­tance of Software Architecture in shaping the digital landscape.

Why Choose iSAQB Certification
iSAQB is dedicated to advancing the field of Software Architecture through a holistic training and certification program, equipping profes­sionals with practical knowledge and industry relevance for real-world success.

We owe this achievement to our dedicated global community, members, trainers, and partners who have supported us throughout this incredible journey. Your passion for excellence is what drives us forward, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones together.

As technology evolves, Software Architecture remains pivotal. iSAQB is committed to continuing this journey, enhancing the field, and providing oppor­tu­nities for profes­sionals worldwide to excel.

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