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Chris Richardson on Microser­vices, Monoliths, Modularization

Eberhard Wolff's Software Architecture in Stream

Software architecture  is essen­tially about how you divide a software system into multiple parts.

In this episode of Eberhard Wolff’s Software Architecture in Stream, Chris Richardson and Eberhard Wolff have an exciting conver­sation on the topic of microser­vices, monoliths, and modularization.



Chris Richardson is a Java champion and a Java One rock star. These days, he’s working on microser­vices with his website and his book “Microser­vices Patterns”.

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Eberhard Wolff
Eberhard Wolff has 15+ years of experience as an architect and consultant — often on the intersection of business and technology. He is a Fellow at INNOQ in Germany. As a speaker, he has given talks at international conferences, and as an author, he has written more than 100 articles and books, e. g. about Microservices and Continuous Delivery. His technological focus is on modern architectures – often involving Cloud, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, or Microservices.

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