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Call for Papers of the Software Architecture Gathering — Digital 2021 starts now

The next virtual edition of the iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering (SAG) will take place October 11–14, 2021. For several years, the SAG has provided unpar­al­leled information that software archi­tects and aspiring software archi­tects need to succeed in their roles. The conference covers the full range of topics in the software architecture profession. It also provides a forum to network and hear what other profes­sionals have learned in real-world experiences.

We would like to invite you to send us your session and workshop ideas. The conference includes two workshop days with half-day, full-day workshops, as well as two conference days with 45-minute talks and 20 minutes lightning talks.

Please send us your submis­sions by May 19, 2021.

SAG 2021 Topics:

  • Architecture basics/foundations – the funda­mental skills that software archi­tects and aspiring software archi­tects need for success.
  • Architecture trends – the trends that are emerging and changing, including DDD, new/improved concepts for modeling, observ­ability, documenting, etc.
  • Beyond technology – Soft skills, commu­ni­cation improvement, navigating inter­per­sonal relation­ships, business skills, personal growth .
  • Technology and impact – New types of tools and technology that affect architectural work.
  • Hands-on – Capital­izing on success and learning from failure with case studies and real-world appli­cation of concepts
  • Outside the box – Software archi­tects need to under­stand a wide range of subjects; these talks explore topics that do not fit into the mentioned categories, but are still important for software architects.

Key Facts:

We look forward to receiving your submis­sions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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