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Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture (CPSA®)

The CPSA® Advanced Level Module EMBEDDED – iSAQB® Training Course in Embedded Systems 


Embedded Systems

How do you develop safety-relevant embedded systems? With hard real-time and functional safety, the curriculum covers central topics for the devel­opment of embedded systems in a regulated environment and also addresses inter­ac­tions between software and system architecture.

Credit Points for EMBEDDED Training Courses

Techno­logical Competence


Methodical Compe­tence


Commu­nicative Competence



CPSA Advanced Level module EMBEDDED diagram curriculum content

Content of the module Embedded Systems (EMBEDDED)


System devel­opment for embedded systems 


Software devel­opment for embedded systems


Functional safety


Real-time and concurrency


Distributed systems


Variant management

How to design embedded systems that have a direct impact on their environments

As systems that directly influence their environment, embedded systems present software archi­tects with special challenges: functional safety plays just as important a role as the fact that embedded systems usually have to meet real-time requirements.
Topics such as system and software devel­opment for embedded systems and the role of software architecture within these processes as well as variant management are also dealt with in the EAM module.

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Advanced Level – Sample task for the CPSA‑A exami­nation task

Sample task “BigSpender” / Topic – Information System

Deutsche Version [pdf]

English Version [pdf]

Curriculum Module EMBEDDED – Embedded Systems

Curriculum of the Advanced Level Module EMBEDDED with all learning goals and terms for the individual chapters.

English Version [pdf]

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