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Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture (CPSA®)

The CPSA® Advanced Level Module IMPROVE – iSAQB® Training Course in Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures


Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures

How do you system­at­i­cally improve existing software systems (“legacy”), aligned with technical and economic goals?

The curriculum addresses the systematic search for problems and technical debt as well as the prior­i­ti­zation of these problems from an organi­za­tional, technical, and business perspective. It also addresses typical strategic and tactical approaches to improve existing systems.

Credit Points for IMPROVE Training Courses

Techno­logical Competence


Methodical Compe­tence


Commu­nicative Competence




Content of the module Evolution and Improvement of Software Archi­tec­tures (IMPROVE)




Analysis of current situation


Estimation of problems and solution approaches


Long term improvement planning 


Typical improvement approaches


Improvement examples

How can software systems be system­at­i­cally improved in line with economical and technical goals?

Partic­i­pants of the module IMPROVE learn to method­i­cally improve software systems and archi­tec­tures, guided by economic and technical goals. The trainings impart the systematic separation of problem and solution, the elabo­ration of short‑, mid- and long-term solution strategies as well as their alignment with business goals and measures. In addition, the IMPROVE curriculum teaches typical approaches of improvement, e. g. restruc­turing and refac­toring, improving analyz­ability, process improvement, improvement of technical infrastructure, improvement of quality attributes, etc.

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Advanced Level – Sample task for the CPSA‑A exami­nation task

Sample task “BigSpender” / Topic – Information System

Deutsche Version [pdf]

English Version [pdf]

Curriculum Module IMPROVE – Evolution and Improvement of Software Architectures

Curriculum of the Advanced Level Module IMPROVE with all learning goals and terms for the individual chapters.

English Version [pdf]

Deutsche Version [pdf]

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