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The Former and the New Executive Board of the iSAQB

iSAQB® General Meeting 2023: New Executive Board elected

The 16th General Meeting of the iSAQB (Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board) has ended success­fully. From May 25 to 26, 2023, the members of the iSAQB e. V. took strategic and content-related decisions for the coming year in Mannheim. At the same time, the associ­ation celebrated its 15th anniversary. In addition to the motions and future direc­tions of the associ­a­tion’s ten working groups, the election of the Strategy Council and the Executive Board were the highlights of the event.

The tasks of the Strategy Council, which is respon­sible for the content-related orien­tation of the iSAQB, will be taken over by Stefan Toth, Martin Lehmann, Gerhard Wanner, and Alexander Simon for the coming term. They will be respon­sible for strategic portfolio planning as well as contin­u­ously monitoring and improving the quality and content inter­locking of the CPSA training program.

Following the election of the iSAQB Executive Board, Alexander Heusingfeld will take over as 1st Chair of the Board together with Kim Nena Duggen as 2nd Chair and Benjamin Wolf as Vice Chair of the Board and Treasurer. The new Executive Board takes over the torch from the previous one – consisting of Mahbouba Gharbi, Stefan Tilkov, and Holger Tiemeyer – and thanks them for their many years of successful work.

The three new Executive Board members are looking forward to their new roles enthu­si­as­ti­cally and positively. When asked what they would like to focus on in their work for the associ­ation in the coming period, they said in a joint statement:

“After more than a decade of devel­opment work, creation of struc­tures, and network expansion by the previous Executive Board, we wish to focus even stronger on the work within the associ­ation now. The working groups of the iSAQB should be enabled to make quick and flexible decisions. We want to set up the necessary struc­tures and respon­si­bil­ities in a clear and efficient way. Exter­nally, we focus on making the value of the iSAQB better known in the inter­na­tional software architecture community. We would like to show examples of how organi­za­tions can adapt our training paths to their specific context in order to easily get the most out of our curricula and training offers. In all our activ­ities, it is important to us that we promote diversity and plurality of opinion within the associ­ation, which is why we want to encourage constructive discussion formats and attract new members”.


Persons in the picture, from left to right:

Holger Tiemeyer (Former Vice Chair of the Board and Treasurer)
Kim Nena Duggen (New 2nd Chair of the Board)
Alexander Heusingfeld (New 1st Chair of the Board)
Mahbouba Gharbi (Former 1st Chair of the Board)
Stefan Tilkov (Former 2nd Vice Chair of the Board)
Benjamin Wolf (New Vice Chair of the Board and Treasurer)

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