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Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten

5th Edition of “Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten” Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the 5th edition of “Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten.” This publi­cation is a signif­icant resource for software archi­tects and anyone aspiring to become a “Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture” through the Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board (iSAQB).

Authored by renowned iSAQB experts, including Mahbouba Gharbi, Arne Koschel, Andreas Rausch, and Gernot Starke, this book provides compre­hensive knowledge aligned with the iSAQB standard.

Key Features of the 5th Edition:

  • Updated Content: The new edition reflects the latest devel­op­ments in software architecture.
  • German Language Edition: This edition is available in the German language. (The book is also available in English. Information at this link.)
  • iSAQB Standard: “Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten” remains closely aligned with the iSAQB standard, serving as a valuable resource for those preparing for the “Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture” certification.
  • Coverage of Key Concepts: The book covers essential topics in software architecture, including best practices, architectural patterns, cloud-native archi­tec­tures, and integration with DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Practical examples and case studies complement the content.
  • Profes­sional Devel­opment: Whether you are an experi­enced software architect or at the beginning of your career, this book offers valuable insights into designing scalable and reliable software solutions.

You can find the latest edition of “Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten” on the dpunkt.verlag website.


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