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New iSAQB®-compliant book published to prepare for CPSA®-Foundation Level exam

The new iSAQB-compliant book “Software Architecture Foundation” for in-depth prepa­ration for the Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture-Foundation Level (CPSA‑F®) exam is now available.

The new book by long-time iSAQB members Dr. Gernot Starke and Dr. Alexander Lorz has been published by Van Haren Publishing & Learning Solutions and covers all learning objectives of the CPSA‑F® curriculum.

As described by the authors, the book:

  • explains the CPSA-Foundation Level curriculum in version 2021.1,
  • describes the exami­nation process,
  • contains sample exam questions,
  • and includes an extensive glossary of important terms.

“Software Architecture Foundation” by Dr. Gernot Starke and Dr. Alexander Lorz is available here.




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