iSAQB News

For the fifth time in a row iSAQB hosted the community conference for software architecture “The Architecture Gathering 2019” (TAG) in Munich, Germany. Several days before the event started, all conference tickets were sold out. On two conference days the […] more

On August 31, 2019, the iSAQB released version 5.0 of the Certified Professional for Software Architecture® – Foundation Level Curriculum. The new version is now available for download at The version 5.0 contains many important improvements: For example, the […] more

The iSAQB® has recognized the certification bodies GASQ and Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) as new examination providers for the ” Certified Professional for Software Architecture ” (CPSA). Both certification bodies extend the international offer of CPSA examinations at Foundation […] more

The iSAQB e.V. has founded a Council at its annual general meeting on 16 May, 2019 in Mannheim, which takes over the strategic programme planning within the iSAQB. The aim of the new expert committee is to continuously monitor and […] more

The iSAQB Advanced Level now offers the two new modules CLOUDINFRA and FUNAR. In these modules you will learn everything you need to know about infrastructure, containers and clouds as well as functional software architecture. For participation in each of […] more