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ACerT – Academia Brasi­leira de Certi­fi­cações e Treina­mentos Ltda.


Founded in February 2018, ACerT was developed to foster techno­lo­gical specia­liz­ation in Brazil, based on knowledge acquired from over ten years of experience in certification bodies ahead of the organiz­ation and conduction of exams, with authorship in a pioneering project in Brazil for the creation, imple­men­tation and management of academic partnerships and perfor­mance in the management and training logistics has provided the expertise for its emergence. It provides prepa­ratory courses for exams, profes­sional training and certi­fi­ca­tions of important inter­na­tional players, with the support of highly qualified instructors active in the market, academic insti­tu­tions, techno­lo­gical centers and private companies.


  • Rua Salvador Simões 918 Vila Dom Pedro I 04276-000 São Paulo Brazil

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CPSA Levels: Foundation Level
Exam Types: Exam After Classroom Training, Online Remote Proctering
Certification Countries: Brazil

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