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GASQ Service GmbH


Global Association for Software Quality, abbre­viated GASQ, is an inter­na­tional exam provider and a leading association in the software quality industry. GASQ was founded by experts from Europe, Asia and America as an independent, inter­na­tional non-profit association aiming to advocate and promote software quality in research, teaching and industry.


Today, GASQ coope­rates with multiple training providers, national testing boards and consulting companies. It actively parti­ci­pates in the develo­pment of new certi­fi­ca­tions and offers them through its extensive inter­na­tional network. GASQ is currently repre­sented on over 60 national markets by more than 250 coope­ration partners. Thanks to globally recognized expertise and leading certification schemes, GASQ yearly certifies over 20.000 people in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa in 10 different languages.


Through all of its activities, GASQ strives to make it its core respon­si­bility to increase awareness about the impor­tance of good software quality and highly qualified staff in this sector. Nonetheless, GASQ broadens its focus and identifies areas that require develo­pment or impro­vement of the quality standards.


  • Rothenburger Str. 11 90443 Nuremberg Germany

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Exam Types: Online Remote Proctering, Exam After Classroom Training, Public Exams
Certification Countries: International

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