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Swiss Associ­ation for Quality


The SAQ Swiss Associ­ation for Quality is an inter­na­tional service organi­zation in the field of personal certification, quality management and business excellence. We help our members to sustainably increase their compet­i­tiveness — as SME, organi­zation or professional.

We are the preferred partner for personal certification. 70–75 percent of all customer advisors in the Swiss financial center are SAQ certified. In 2019 we issued 8,523 certifi­cates in the IT, banking, quality, risk, environment, safety and corporate functions sectors.

We create and share knowledge and networks in the fields of quality, business excellence and opera­tional excellence.

The SAQ IT Expert Group networks and promotes IT profes­sionals and commu­nities. It supports and supple­ments training offers with meetings and confer­ences. It maintains and promotes the devel­opment of existing personal certificates.


  • Ramuzstrasse 15 3027 Bern Switzerland

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CPSA Levels: Foundation Level
Exam Types: Exam After Classroom Training, Online / Remote Proctor

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