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Dr. Isabella Stilkerich

Strategy Council Member, Co-Curator EMBEDDED, CPSA-A Examiner

located in Germany

Short Bio

Dr. Isabella Stilk­erich works as a consultant, software engineer and project manager in the devel­opment of embedded systems. Her work focuses on software architecture, functional safety and AUTOSAR. Her doctorate addressed the appli­cation of type-safe programming languages and software-based error tolerance techniques in safety-critical embedded systems. Isabella Stilk­erich is an active member of the Inter­na­tional Software Architecture Quali­fi­cation Board (iSAQB®). She promotes advancement of the iSAQB® Advanced Level curriculum for safety-critical embedded systems, is a CPSA‑A Examiner and gives presen­ta­tions at confer­ences and meetings of work teams. Isabella Stilk­erich is an iSAQB® Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level, an ISTQB® Certified Tester – Foundation Level and an iSQI® Certified Profes­sional for Project Management.

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