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Publi­cation of new curriculum version 2021.1 of the CPSA‑F®

As of April 1, 2021, the new version 2021.1 of the Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture-Foundation Level (CPSA‑F) curriculum replaces the previ­ously valid version. It is available in German and English. The new version will be published in other languages shortly.

The iSAQB-accredited training providers and trainers were informed regularly about planned changes during the twelve-month prepa­ration phase of this update and received the new syllabus version in advance, so that a gradual adaptation of the training content could take place, and now, starting from April at the latest, all CPSA‑F training courses can be completely conducted according to the speci­fi­ca­tions of the new curriculum. Accord­ingly, as of April 1, the CPSA‑F exami­nation will also be manda­torily switched to an updated version by the recog­nized certification bodies . Its content will be aligned with the new curriculum version 2021.1.

Within the iSAQB, the Foundation Level working group is committed to the further devel­opment and updating of the CPSA-Foundation Level syllabus. Together, the experts of the working group contribute sugges­tions for improvement and evaluate change notices, which all inter­ested persons can post as “GitHub Issues” in the public repos­itory of the iSAQB. As part of this effort, the Foundation Level curriculum was substan­tially revised and updated. For example, learning objective LG 1–2 received additional sub-objectives and clari­fi­ca­tions. Learning objective LG 1–11 was newly added. LG 2–3 has been completely restruc­tured to include a new and explicit collection of influ­encing factors, and a completely revised list of all funda­mental design principles has been added to learning objective LG 2–6. Furthermore, in addition to the correction of various typos and hyper­links, among other things, an update and expansion of the list of refer­ences was carried out.

The new curriculum version 2021.1 can be found here.

For further information on the topic, please see Gernot Starke’s blog post The (new) Software Architecture Foundation Curriculum.

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