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ADOC – Architecture Documentation

Certified Profes­sional for Software Architecture (CPSA®)

The CPSA® Advanced Level Module ADOC — iSAQB® Training Course in Software Architecture Documentation


Architecture Documen­tation

How to document and commu­nicate software architecture? The curriculum includes contents, methods and tools for a target-group-oriented recording of solution approaches at various points in the life of a software system.

Credit Points for ADOC Training Courses

Techno­logical Competence


Methodical Compe­tence


Commu­nicative Competence




Content of the module Architecture Documen­tation (ADOC)

How to document and commu­nicate software architectures

In their everyday work, software archi­tects are repeatedly faced with typical challenges in the creation and mainte­nance of technical documen­tation, for example the selection of suitable documen­tation struc­tures, notations and result types, the handling of large documen­tation (especially existing or outdated documen­tation), the selection, config­u­ration and intro­duction of tool chains or the versioning of documents. Documen­tation in teams as well as collab­o­rative creation and mainte­nance or content-related and formal reviews of documen­tation can also be difficult tasks that need to be solved.

In addition to a detailed discussion of the basic terms and component elements of software architecture documen­tation, the Advanced Level training course Architecture Documen­tation offers software archi­tects a wide range of tools for the imple­men­tation and evalu­ation of architecture documen­tation, and enables archi­tects to success­fully face the typical challenges of documen­tation on their own.

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