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Dr. Gernot Starke

Gernot Starke, INNOQ Fellow, once studied computer science because he found programming cool and interesting. He still loves coding and the challenges of modern software systems. He is a co-founder of iSAQB and has been leading the „Foundation Level“ working group  for more than 5 years. In addition, he is also the co-founder of the two open-source architecture metho­dology projects arc42 and aim42.

In his day-to-day life, Gernot consults companies from various sectors on syste­matic software engineering and develo­pment, with a focus on software architecture. He regularly conducts training courses on architecture and related topics.

The first edition of his (German) book „Effektive Software­ar­chi­tek­turen“ was published in 2001 and has been conti­nuously updated since – the latest (9th) edition was published in 2020.

Together with Alexander Lorz, he created the (English) „Software Architecture Foundation – CPSA‑F Exam Study Guide“, published by VanHaaren Inter­na­tional – the only book that explains all the 40 CPSA‑F learning goals individually.

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